Thursday, July 29, 2010

I disagree with Jezebel's opinion on this.

Kanye's Twitter Is Intolerable, And He Must Be Stopped

AMAZING. Just don't actually click "follow" or he'll jack your feed.

Oh. Well, that's lovely.

Thanks for the encouragement, insensitive advertisers. Fuck you.

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Spotlight On: Kristen Schaal

I *adore* the TV show Flight of the Conchords, and every character in it.
Including the really creepy, stalker-ish "only fan" of the band in the show.

Meet: Kristen Schaal.

She was just featured on Letterman, so I'm hoping this means more attention to her and more roles for her in the future!!!

Jane Austen's Fight Club

With the recent trend of classic books meeting classic monsters, it was only a matter time before classic books also met classic violent movies:

Jane Austin's Fight Club

...What Did the Cop Say to the Perverted Man in His Car?

I really hope this is real, because this editor is my new favorite person.

Things You Need to Own

Who can have a bad day when the entire YEAR is filled with pictures of trees????

She Works Hard for the Money

Because my friend Sara is fantastic at designing jewelry (and because I'm soon going to be a proud owner of her Owl necklace), I'd like to link you to her page.

Tangible Elegance

I'll post pictures of her owl necklace soon as it arrives at the house! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"noooo don't drink it"
[title of post from]

I have sort of a Diet Coke problem.

File Under: More Things About Which I Am Hella Excited

Holy shit holy shit holy shit.

I got this baby in the mail today - Frank Wildhorn's "Rudolf - Affaire Mayerling" on DVD.
I ordered it last week from and am amazed it came in the mail so soon - this is why Amazon is my lover forever and ever (ask me about my Kindle).

I've owned the cast album since its debut in summer 2009; however, I have delayed in ordering the DVD for really no good reason. The musical is based on Frederic Morton's fantastic book A Nervous Splendor: Vienna 1888/1889 and of course upon the historical Mayerling Incident - the (however contested) murder-suicide of Austro-Hungarian Crown Prince Rudolf von Habsburg and his mistress, Mary Vetsera, at his hunting lodge at Mayerling.

It's taking all I've got not to read this.

The last Lost spoilers you'll ever read (or not, if you want to stay pure)

[Article & photo from io9]

I'll just leave this right here.

Top 10: Tips For Making A Sex Tape - By Tommy Wiseau

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Best Deal of the Day

Celebrate National Lasagna Day on July 29th!

Join Buca di Beppo (there's one at Station Square and Robinson for you Pittsburghers out there) for a FREE lunch-sized portion of their famous
Lasagna when you purchase any Buca Small®
or Buca Large® Pasta or EntrĂ©e

That Really Exists?

Suzdal Cucumber Festival

But It's Too Awesome to Eat!

Lunch To-Go


The Next Big Thing

Forget your usual spray-can graffiti-on-bridges. The newest form of urban "personalization" uses yarn! That's right..yarn.

It's called Urban Knitting or Yarn Bombing, and there are groups out there (Yarn Bombing DIY, Urban Knitting, and Guerilla Knitting) dedicated to sewing up city streets.

Check out their websites for more awesome pictures!

Kymme's Introduction to the World: or How To Say Hi On the Internet

Hey everyone! Alys ran a little bio about herself, so I thought: "Hey! I should introduce myself, too!"

I am your typical mid-20 "I have a degree and I'm making a living doing nothing with it" year old. I live in the middle of a cultural void with my husband, 2 cats, and a fat, lazy, alcoholic rabbit.
My interests include pirates, simulation games, reading, cooking & baking, avoiding the TV, the obligatory line about surfing the internet, coupon collecting, finding random and fun things to do and go to hang out and fill up my day, and making fun of the general public.
I strongly believe ketchup & ice cream (not necessarily together) should be major food groups and have a thing for corny puns and emotes. (Warning you now)

Welcome to our blog and we hope you have as much fun reading it as we're going to have posting on it ;P

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

File Under: Things About Which I Am Hella Excited

The It's Alive! Show Boards: Drive-In Super Monster-Rama in PA, Sept. 10-11 2010

If you are a horror fan and live in the Pittsburgh area and are not familiar with The It's Alive! Show...well, then, you should get on that because it's awesome.

File Under: What.

Robert Pattinson look inspires range of M&S underpants [The Guardian]

We can all only hope it doesn't sparkle in the sunlight.

File Under: Things Created Specifically to Appeal to Me

"Paparazzi Meets Elisabeth"

Created by JennyENicholson on YouTube

An introduction, from Alys

Hello, Internet. Here is another blog to add to that great thing known as the Blogosphere (I don't think I have ever used that word before). My name is Alys, and Kymme and I decided to start this here blog because I wrote that I need a new job as my status on Facebook, and Kymme responded that we should be professional bloggers. After several of my friends fed my ego by saying they would be interested if I had a blog, I emailed Kymme and we decided to give it a go fo'realz.

Basically the jist of it is this: we are both big dorks with soul-crushing jobs, who take solace in the internet during our scant hours of free time. We like sharing interesting and funny things that we find on the internet; between the two of us, we have more than enough interests to satisfy at least a few niches out there.

My interests include literature, 19th century Austrian history, theatrical make up, German musicals, Takarazuka, comic books, certain anime, Victorian poetry, horror movies, and making fun of Twilight. I live with my boyfriend's family in Pittsburgh, PA; the two of us have a snake, a tarantula, and the most affectionate cat on the planet (his sister has a cat, a dog, 11 birds, 3 rats, and god knows how many fish). I am a feminist and an atheist, outspokenly so. Boyfriend and I are child-free by choice and plan to remain that way. I grew up watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 with my mom and I think I like bad movies more than I like good movies.


So, without further adieu, I'mma hit "publish" on this baby and hop to posting shit.